How to Fix Cannot Print Email from Thunderbird Issue?

I cannot print email from Thunderbird. This is a recent issue because it worked in the past. The printer works perfectly for copying and printing documents on the computer. It accepts printing instructions but passes through the printer with no paper. help!

Most organizations and users rely on Thunderbird, an easy-to-use desktop-based email client. Users may have multiple questions when using Thunderbird. One of the most difficult problems users face is when Thunderbird cannot print an email. Therefore, the following section describes various tricks to address this issue.

Alternate Solution to Print Mozilla Thunderbird Email

Thunderbird printing bugs can be fixed in the future by the Mozilla developer but in the meantime, choose the alternate solution:

Step 1: Open Mozilla Thunderbird Application

Step 2: Select an Email for Printing

Step 3: Right Click on it and select Save As option

Step 4: Save Selected File as HTML Format

Step 5: Open HTML File in Web Browser then Print it.

Solve Cannot Print Email from Thunderbird Issue

MBOX to PDF Converter is feature-rich versatile software that allows users to easily save MBOX files into PDF and print MBOX files. The tool is designed with an easy-to-use interface and robust security algorithms to make it easy for users of the utility to operate.

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Steps to Print MBOX Emails without Thunderbird

Following steps to print MBOX emails:

Step 1: Download & Open MBOX to PDF Converter Tool

Step 2: Add & Preview MBOX Emails with Attachments

Step 3: Search Feature to Find Any Emails within MBOX File

Step 4: Export Option: PDF or Print with Advance Settings


In this article, we described alternate solutions to solve cannot print email from Thunderbird issue. Save email into HTML format than print it or choose MBOX to PDF Converter to print batch emails without Thunderbird.