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Download free Outlook DBX Viewer to simplify DBX Email Viewing requirement

  • The free DBX File Viewer software gives you the ability to securely view all your emails created in Outlook Express.
  • XP user running Outlook Express having email files in .dbx format can use Outlook DBX viewer software as an alternative.
  • Check header part of the email within the .dbx file
  • Works on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10

Key Features of FreeViewer DBX Viewer

Auto Detect Location

Auto Detect DBX Location

The software will try to figure out the location of dbx files where Outlook Express usually store it. If the dbx file is present at that location you will see the message instantly.

Item Count

Get Instant Item Count

The software will create an index of all the emails that are stored in that dbx database. This will give you easier access to all the emails that reside within it.

Search & Analysis

Search and Analysis

You can perform search and analysis on the dbx files to get the information desired or to locate for specific email from the huge emails that have accumulated over time.

View DBX Emails

Preview DBX Emails with Attachment

The best part is that the software has inbuilt feature that let you to preview emails with their associated attachments so that you do not miss anything.

DBX Viewer Software – Overview

Outlook Express Viewer Core Features


The Outlook DBX Opener comes with certain features and specification to make the whole process flawless and error free. Some of the core features of the software are as follow:

Some of the DBX Viewer features are:

  • The email will list all emails in structured and hierarchal way.
  • Auto Detect dbx file location.
  • Easily view all the associated email attachments.
  • Run on all major Windows OS system.

DBX Email Header Part Analysis

The dbx viewer provides you to perform deep analysis on the emails using the various tab provides. You can see the MIME version running or you will be able to view all the hop taken by the email from the origin to the destination (great for forensic analysis).

Email Header Part Analysis

DBX Viewer Screenshots

Outlook Express Viewer
Step 1: Launch Software
Explore Messages
Step 2: Provide DBX File
View in Vertical Mode
Step 3: View Mode
DBX File Viewer Software
Step 4: In-Depth Search
DBX Viewer Software Specifications
Outlook Express Viewer Software

Size: 12.6 MB Version: 4.3



System Specifications

  • Windows 10 Windows 8.1
  • Minimum 1 GHz Processor
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM
  • 15 MB of free space
Common FAQs
What is .dbx file ?

Outlook Express Database (.dbx) is the file format used by Outlook Express Email client. The file signature hexadecimal value of .dbx is 0xcf 0xad 0x12 0xfe. The .dbx has content class identifier (CLSID), CLSID: 6F74FDC5-E366-11d1-9A4E-00C04FA309D4 for message database and CLSID: 6F74FDC6-E366-11d1-9A4E-00C04FA309D4 for folder database.

How to search for DBX files within the computer ?

When you are not aware of the location of the DBX files then you can simply use the command in the Windows command prompt to get their location. DIR/S *.dbx>DIRDBX.TXT

What are the Outlook Express versions that the software support?

Though the software supports different version for the Outlook Express Email client such as (4.1, 5.0, 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0). The main point to remember is that all long as your file is in .dbx format you will be able to view your email easily.

What is the Limit or restriction ?

The DBX Viewer is designed to help you view all the .dbx format emails instantly and there is no limitation for such purpose.

What Clients Say

The dbx viewer is a great tool that helped me view my old emails when I was an XP user but after migrating to Windows 7 I need something that helped me view my old emails as Outlook Express no longer supportable in Win 7. Thanks You FreeViewer Developers.

- Josh - Italy

The software really comes handy when one needs to look at attachment without having and email client installed. Now I can browse all emails and see their associated attachment instantly. Works nicely for Window 8 users.


Features DBX Viewer Pro DBX Viewer
DBX Viewer for Windows OS
DBX Email Headers Analysis
View all associated attachments
View PDF in DBX mail Attachments
Run on Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 version
Friendly GUI
Advance Search Options
Convert to PST
Convert to EML
Convert to MSG
Split into Multiple PST
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